Physiotherapy for horses

Physiotherapy for horses is a great passion of mine, where I can support you and your horse in various ways.

It is very important to me to not only eliminate the symptoms and causes, but also to stabilize my treatments success through targeted training or training recommendation, so that the rider and horse can share many happy times together.

Physiotherapy is a form of specific training and external applications of remedies, which restores, improves and maintains the movement and functionality of the body.

Physiotherapy includes:

It is a complementary option to conventional medicine.

So it is also important that horse therapists always work together with the respective trainer, veterinarian, saddler and fairer.

How to identify discomfort and pain of your horse?

This needs to be treated, not only symptomatically, but also by reason of their cause in order to increase the well-being and performance of the horse.

Horse therapy is also used to provide for:

The treatment procedere always includes a horse analysis! This is the only way to find out the causes of the problems and initiate the right therapy.