About me

Since the age of 9 years I worked and rode horses actively.

To consider the horses as a whole in addition to performance capability, health factors must be also taken into account. I studied equinus in Ingolstadt (Bavaria) as a horse therapist with equinus.

There I was taught and tested by a team of instructors consisting of horse therapist, veterinarians, hoof orthopaedist, saddlery master and a physiotherapist.

Through this training I am able to get an overall picture of every different horse, and also to help to initiate the right therapy in cooperation with the veterinarian and to increase the performance of your horse.

With my love for horses and their well-being, I’m continuously in training and learning. I’m also qualified and trained osteopathic horse therapist. I can therefore also improve any issues in your horses skeletal and joint system. With my experience in the muscular and skeleton and joint system, I will have an even more holistic effect on your horse.